New energy bus charging station

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New energy bus charging station

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  New energy charging station, is located in shuangliu district Dongsheng streets and Huangshui town at the junction, north of Yong’an road and south of Dajian road, covers an area of about 76 mu, the construction of the main body for the parking lot, is the largest new energy bus charging stations of chengdu, it is also the largest single charging station in China. Currently, 206 charging parking spaces have been built in the charging station,there are 166 slow-charge parking Spaces and 40 quick-charge parking Spaces. There are two vehicle inspection lines in the station,covers an area of 580㎡,at the same time, equipped with 3 automatic car washer equipment in front of the vehicle detection line,when the bus passes the inspection line, the car washer can immediately clean the bus. The new energy bus charger in the charging station is mainly composed of bus charging box transformer and dc charging terminal. This is what we call the composition of charging piles, a total of 8 bus charging box substations are equipped in the charging station.

  Dc charging equipment terminal in the charging station, which consists of charging gun and base. Each charging pile is equipped with such a charging gun,it looks like a fuel gun,every bus charger box has a swipe machine.When the bus is rapidly charging, the driver swipes his card to charge (one charge per gun). The operating platform can display the start charging time and end charging time of bus. A quick charge takes about an hour during the day. At night, they make full use of the low current, and gradually replenish the power with a small current, or even a trickle, to maintain the battery. The charging time starts at 11 o 'clock in the evening and ends at 7 o 'clock in the morning. When all the buses stop and plug in the charging device, the staff only needs one button in the monitoring room, it can charge 206 buses at the same time or stop charging them. According to the difference of the residual power of each bus, it takes about 3-5 hours at night to be fully charged, it has been tested that when a pure electric bus is fully charged once, it can run for 150km with air conditioning, it takes 150 degrees of power to fill a car (about a kilometer per charge).In terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, charge 100 million degrees of electricity, it can reduce carbon emissions by more than 100,000 tons, it saves about 44.39 million liters of gasoline. According to recent data, we charge about 40,000 degrees a day, so it can reduce the city's carbon emissions by about 50 tons a day and save about 20,000 liters of gasoline.

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